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2019-09-27MLK-22622 imx8m: Add Workaround for ROM SError issuerel_imx_4.14.98_2.2.0caf/imx_v2018.03_4.14.98_2.2.0Ye Li2-0/+46
2019-09-27imx: add lowlevel init for ARM64Peng Fan2-1/+23
2019-08-26MA-15334-2 enable trusty for imx8q standard Android ubootfaqiang.zhu4-2/+48
2019-08-26MA-15334-1 add two defconfig files for trusty supported ubootfaqiang.zhu2-0/+196
2019-08-11MLK-22425 TMU: iMX8MN: Enable loading TASR and TCALIV from fuseYe Li1-1/+1
2019-07-30MLK-22179-2 imx8mn_evk: Enable FSPI DQS loopback for high freqYe Li4-2/+11
2019-07-30MLK-22179-1 fsl_fspi: Add a config to enable dummy DQS loopback from padYe Li2-0/+11
2019-07-30MA-15217-2 Enable dual bootloader for imx8mJi Luo14-14/+69
2019-07-26MA-15217-1 Enable dual bootloader for imx8mJi Luo10-0/+696
2019-07-25MA-15180 Refine dual bootloader flow for imx8mJi Luo3-18/+28
2019-07-19MA-15158 Set spl recovery mode for dual bootloaderJi Luo6-10/+160
2019-07-18MLK-22287 imx8mn: enable CONFIG_ENV_DEFAULT_NOWHERE at defaultYe Li2-1/+1
2019-07-18MA-15152 erase user data before setting lock/unlock statusfaqiang.zhu1-8/+2
2019-07-17MLK-22283 env: fix NAND ENV build issue introduced by env offset changeYe Li1-18/+10
2019-07-17MLK-22279-5 imx8mn_evk: Remove flexspi defconfigYe Li1-73/+0
2019-07-17MLK-22279-4 imx8mn_evk: Enable multiple env storagesYe Li2-6/+6
2019-07-17MLK-22279-3 imx8mn: override env_get_offset and env_get_locationYe Li1-0/+58
2019-07-17MLK-22279-2 env: Add a config to enable nowhere as default locationYe Li4-2/+10
2019-07-17MLK-22279-1 env: Add env_get_offset to override static env offsetYe Li7-22/+35
2019-07-17env: fix allow to build multiple environmentsRajesh Bhagat2-9/+3
2019-07-17MA-15151 Limit some hwcrypto commands within bootloaderJi Luo4-0/+15
2019-07-17MA-15017 Add new command to generate bkek from trustyJi Luo3-0/+40
2019-07-17MA-15015 Add sha256_hmac supportJi Luo2-0/+43
2019-07-16MA-15142 Support secure attestation provisionHaoran.Wang4-0/+61
2019-07-16MA-15019-1 Support Manufacture Protection public key generationJi Luo8-2/+118
2019-07-14MLK-22258 imx8mn: Update speed gradeYe Li1-0/+6
2019-07-12MA-15087-4 Support mmc loader for imx8mn_evkHaoran.Wang2-2/+16
2019-07-12MA-15087-1 Enable Trusty OS on imx8mnHaoran.Wang1-6/+4
2019-07-12MA-15087 Duplicate imx8mn defconfig to trusty oneHaoran.Wang1-0/+73
2019-07-09MLK-22245 mx6qp: Fix issue caused by moving pre_misc_setting()Ye Li2-41/+46
2019-07-10MA-15062-4 support flashing mcu firmware on uboot used by uuufaqiang.zhu1-0/+1
2019-07-09MLK-22240 imx8m: Fix GPR setting issue for ENET TX CLK selectYe Li7-8/+8
2019-07-08MA-14981-1 Add evk_imx8mm 4GB DDR supportJi Luo8-0/+2082
2019-07-08MA-14948 Append lock status by Android PropertyHaoran.Wang1-2/+2
2019-07-08MLK-22219 mx6: Place pre_misc_setting() into a common locationFabio Estevam2-32/+27
2019-07-05MA-15082 Do not pass btmacaddr from uboot if serial is all zeroyang.tian1-10/+12
2019-07-04MLK-22192 imx8mn: Add variant parts supportYe Li4-9/+66
2019-07-04sf: Set current flash bank to 0 in clean_bar()Marek Vasut1-0/+1
2019-07-03MA-15062-3 enable MCU firmware support on evk_8mnfaqiang.zhu1-0/+1
2019-07-03MA-15062-2 change mcu firmware partition namefaqiang.zhu2-16/+16
2019-07-03MA-15062-1 change names of MACROs used to boot MCU on imx8m devicesfaqiang.zhu2-14/+14
2019-07-03MA-15062 change MACRO name of mcu TCM base addressfaqiang.zhu4-4/+4
2019-06-25MLK-22105-3 imx8/imx8m: spl: Move bss clean up before arch_cpu_initYe Li11-55/+22
2019-06-25MLK-22105-2 caam: Move g_jrdata to bss section for SPLYe Li1-0/+4
2019-06-25MLK-22105-1 Revert "MLK-20026 caam: Fix CAAM RNG init hang on imx8mq RevA"Ye Li1-11/+4
2019-06-24MLK-22103 doc: ahab: Update imx-mkimage SPL build targetYe Li1-1/+1
2019-06-25MLK-22101 configs: imx8mn: add jailhouse envPeng Fan1-2/+12
2019-06-21MLK-22080 imx8mn_evk: add SPL and u-boot build for nominal modeYe Li4-0/+119
2019-06-21MLK-22078 romapi: Fix issue for stream mode with secure boot enabledYe Li3-1/+7
2019-06-19MLK-22047 imx8mn: pins: add SION for I2CPeng Fan1-33/+33