BranchCommit messageAuthorAge don't emit a fix for @deprecated.ghm2 weeks flag @Inject/@Provides/etc methods which have greater t...ghm3 weeks source some overlooked files.eaftan3 weeks the description of UnnecessarilyFullyQualified, and add an exemption ...ghm3 weeks change. DO NOT SUBMIT.eaftan3 weeks code cleanup.bhagwani4 weeks qualified names of unused imports in the diagnostic message.eaftan4 weeks code cleanup.eaftan4 weeks markdown template and golden files to satisfy Copybara.eaftan4 weeks Thread.stop(Throwable) and java.sql.Time APIs to the DoNotCallChecker.kak4 weeks
v2.4.0commit 4ba84971a9...Liam Miller-Cushon6 weeks
v2.3.4commit 630906103c...Emily Johnston7 months
2.3.4commit 9ca1d2f12d...Emily Johnston8 months
v2.3.3commit 24f4d7d148...Liam Miller-Cushon17 months
v2.3.2commit 28647b1bea...Emily Johnston21 months
v2.3.1commit 083dae3de6...Eddie Aftandilian2 years
v2.3.0commit 7163a42366...Eddie Aftandilian2 years
v2.2.0commit 78f4ca2dd3...Liam Miller-Cushon3 years
v2.1.3commit 054303e0c0...Nick Glorioso3 years
v2.1.2commit 1a7f37f358...epmjohnston3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2015-05-13Add correct code style file for Aftandilian1-28/+474
2015-05-13Turn on NonOverridingEquals check in shipshape canary.Eddie Aftandilian1-1/+1
2015-05-13Update CovariantEquals checkEddie Aftandilian12-367/+379
2015-05-13Remove CompilationTestHelper.newInstance(BugChecker, Class<?>)Liam Miller-Cushon101-130/+111
2015-05-13Make Error Prone less thread-hostileLiam Miller-Cushon19-427/+625
2015-05-13Add a check for double-checked locking on non-volatile fieldsLiam Miller-Cushon4-0/+579
2015-05-13Multiple improvements to WaitNotInLoop.Eddie Aftandilian8-151/+565
2015-05-12Create a checker to ensure that a jMock Mockery is assigned as a JUnit ruletom-smalls6-2/+262
2015-04-20Merge pull request #319 from cushon/bazelEddie Aftandilian5-0/+320
2015-04-18Unbreak bugpattern docsLiam Miller-Cushon2-11/+14