AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2004-03-15* Patch by Steven Scholz, 27 Feb 2004:LABEL_2004_03_16_2330wdenk6-167/+201
2004-03-14Code cleanup; make several boards compile & link.LABEL_2004_03_14_2340wdenk64-701/+724
2004-03-14* Patches by Travis Sawyer, 12 Mar 2004:wdenk17-108/+1076
2004-03-14* Patch by Pierre Aubert, 11 Mar 2004:wdenk8-561/+884
2004-03-14* Patch by Stephan Linz, 09 Mar 2004wdenk23-6/+2967
2004-03-14* Patch by Philippe Robin, 09 Mar 2004:wdenk33-23/+3640
2004-03-14* Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 5 Mar 2004:wdenk13-41/+249
2004-03-14* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 4 Mar 2004:wdenk11-77/+231
2004-03-14* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 01 Mar 2004:wdenk17-106/+2472
2004-03-13* Patch by Rune Torgersen, 27 Feb 2004:wdenk16-115/+327
2004-03-12SX1 patches: use "serial#" for USB serial #;wdenk4-8/+39
2004-03-12Add support for Siemens SX1 mobile phone;LABEL_2004_03_12_0130wdenk31-320/+7095
2004-03-11Fix LOWBOOT configuration for MPC5200 with DDR memorywdenk5-119/+120
2004-03-02* Fix SDRAM timings for LITE5200 / IceCube boardwdenk4-41/+149
2004-02-27* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 26 Feb 2004:wdenk5-22/+61
2004-02-27* Patch by Pierre Aubert, 26 Feb 2004wdenk12-22/+211
2004-02-27* Patch by Steven Scholz, 25 Feb 2004:wdenk7-136/+51
2004-02-26* Patch by Markus Pietrek, 24 Feb 2004:wdenk37-49/+6866
2004-02-26* Patch by Rahul Shanbhag, 19 Feb 2004:wdenk6-23/+41
2004-02-24* Patch by Masami Komiya, 24 Feb 2004:wdenk2-6/+12
2004-02-24Add missing board/dave/B2/B2.c file.LABEL_2004_02_24_0305wdenk1-0/+128
2004-02-24* Patch by Masami Komiy, 22 Feb 2004:wdenk24-29/+921
2004-02-24* Patch by Andrea Scian, 17 Feb 2004:wdenk20-6/+2258
2004-02-23* Patch by Peter Ryser, 20 Feb 2004:wdenk57-170/+12176
2004-02-23* Patches by Reinhard Meyer, 14 Feb 2004:wdenk39-1221/+752
2004-02-23* Patch by Laurent Mohin, 10 Feb 2004:wdenk24-125/+1090
2004-02-23* Patch by Thomas Elste, 10 Feb 2004:wdenk36-27/+3340
2004-02-23* CVS add missing fileswdenk18-48/+348
2004-02-22* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 09 Feb 2004:wdenk17-755/+975
2004-02-20Add Auto-MDIX support for INCA-IPLABEL_2004_02_20_2310wdenk4-4/+105
2004-02-12Last minute fixes / cleanup.U-Boot-1_0_2wdenk3-8/+9
2004-02-12Fix typo.wdenk2-2/+2
2004-02-12* Some code cleanupwdenk76-5291/+7888
2004-02-11* Make sure to use a bus clock divider of 2 only when running TQM8xxMLABEL_2004_02_11_2240wdenk3-19/+38
2004-02-10* Patch by Jian Zhang, 3 Feb 2004:wdenk9-49/+45
2004-02-09Patches by Stephan Linz, 30 Jan 2004:wdenk26-748/+1925
2004-02-09* Patch by Rahul Shanbhag, 28 Jan 2004:wdenk5-87/+107
2004-02-08* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 26 Jan 2004:wdenk11-15/+1084
2004-02-08Patch by Anders Larsen, 09 Jan 2004:wdenk53-369/+321
2004-02-07* Patch by liang a lei, 9 Jan 2004:wdenk15-11/+1918
2004-02-06Patch by Travis Sawyer, 30 Dec 2003:wdenk33-515/+4749
2004-02-06* Patch by Wolter Kamphuis, 15 Dec 2003:wdenk7-41/+34
2004-01-31Fix bootfile default settings for TQM boardsLABEL_2004_01_21_2110wdenk5-5/+5
2004-01-31Fix variable CPU clock for MPC859/866 systems for low CPU clockswdenk8-20/+72
2004-01-29* Implement adaptive SDRAM timing configuration based on actual CPULABEL_2004_01_29_1030wdenk6-43/+126
2004-01-24* Add variable CPU clock for MPC859/866 systems (so far only TQM866M):wdenk11-156/+391
2004-01-21* Fix PS/2 keyboard problem caused by statically initialized variablewdenk5-8/+18
2004-01-20* The PS/2 mux on the BMS2003 board needs 450 ms after power onwdenk128-2300/+2401
2004-01-18Fix typo in Makefile;wdenk3-2/+5