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2014-10-06ENGR00327364 iMX6x: Ensure that the bandgap self-bias circuit is disabled aft...rel_imx_3.0.101_4.1.1caf/nxp/imx_v2009.08_3.0.35_4.1.0Ranjani Vaidyanathan1-5/+24
2014-09-05ENGR00329930-2 MMC: Fix debounce problem in the tuning algorithmYe.Li1-19/+26
2014-09-05ENGR00329930-1 USDHC/ESDHC: Fix incorrect pad setting for SDR 104Ye.Li8-24/+24
2014-03-12ENGR00303101: NAND can not boot for auto boardkk4.4.2_1.0.0-gakk4.4.2_1.0.0-betaKe Qinghua5-15/+15
2014-03-04ENGR00267929: [MX6SL] Add DDR3 support for MX6SLGrace Si4-4/+468
2014-01-27ENGR00293946 ARM:imx6 Add dynamical USDHC/ESDHC pads settingsYe.Li8-7/+448
2014-01-27ENGR00293946 SD:ESDHC/USDHC Fix command timeout after UHS-I tunning errorYe.Li1-5/+36
2014-01-23ENGR00296231 failedguoyin.chen1-2/+25
2013-12-06ENGR00291075 Fix the Copyright issue introduced by commit: d1ec738kk4.4.2_1.0.0-alphaJason Liu8-8/+8
2013-12-03ENGR00283354 fastboot:enlarge max transfer buffer sizeJianzheng Zhou17-25/+25
2013-11-15ENGR00285890 imx6:plugin: update the ROM_API_TABLE_BASE_ADDR for plugin codeJason Liu1-5/+20
2013-11-13ENGR00287268 mx6: fix the secure boot issue on the new tapout chipJason Liu3-13/+70
2013-08-22ENGR00276287 Adjust key mapping for 6sl evkjb4.3_1.1.1-gajb4.3_1.1.0-gajb4.3_1.0.0-gajb4.3_1.0.0-betaguoyin.chen3-36/+8
2013-07-25ENGR00272558 fastboot_dev and bootcmd cannot be configured for i.MX6 SabreSDrel_imx_3.0.35_4.1.0_rc3rel_imx_3.0.35_4.1.0_rc2rel_imx_3.0.35_4.1.0_rc1rel_imx_3.0.35_4.1.0guoyin.chen1-4/+8
2013-07-10ENGR00255779 mx6dl/sabreauto: change the u-boot prompt from SOLO to DLJason Liu8-15/+15
2013-06-21ENGR00268063 imx6x android: Fix build errorLin Fuzhen1-0/+3
2013-06-19ENGR00266869-2 imx6x sabresd: correct the bootargs for androidLin Fuzhen3-6/+17
2013-06-19ENGR00266869-1 imx6x sarebsd: Fix recovery fail issue on SDLin Fuzhen4-4/+9
2013-06-17ENGR00267118-2 IPU disp:Align setting with kernelLiu Ying1-7/+10
2013-06-17ENGR00267118-1 IPU disp:Align setting with kernelLiu Ying2-22/+35
2013-06-07ENGR00266247 Do not limit HAB code for closed systems onlyMahesh Mahadevan5-41/+35
2013-06-05ENGR00265720 Enlarge command line buffer sizeguoyin.chen1-2/+2
2013-06-05ENGR00231572 mx6solo: Add Android solo uboot configureXinyu Chen2-0/+87
2013-04-25ENGR00260356: i.MX6SL: uboot: reset can NOT work on TO1.2Anson Huang1-0/+3
2013-04-16ENGR00258651 mx6: update thermal equation for i.MX6slAnson Huang1-2/+2
2013-04-16ENGR00255977 mx6sl: correct the information for chip and board revisionRobby Cai3-10/+20
2013-04-16ENGR00254470-4 mx6q-hdmidongle:sata device can't work properly on most boardsRichard Zhu1-16/+0
2013-04-16ENGR00254470-3 mx6q-sabreauto:sata device can't work properly on most boardsRichard Zhu1-21/+0
2013-04-16ENGR00254470-2 mx6q-arm2:sata device can't work properly on most boardsRichard Zhu1-21/+0
2013-04-16ENGR00254470-1 mx6q-sd:sata device can't work properly on most boardsRichard Zhu1-22/+0
2013-03-29ENGR00256543 mx6: Update equation for thermal sensor on i.MX6DLAnson Huang1-1/+1
2013-03-27ENGR00255481 mx6: Update equation for thermal sensorAnson Huang1-1/+22
2013-03-20ENGR00254091 fastboot: add reboot command for quick fastbootLin Fuzhen1-2/+10
2013-02-13ENGR00244769-3 [NOR FLASH]-Improve WEIM NOR speedOliver Brown1-3/+3
2013-02-04ENGR00243038: make get_mmc_env_devno to be a generic functionJason Liu8-96/+14
2013-01-28ENGR00242042 MX6DQ/DL: fix boot fail issue on mx6dl boardsjb4.2.1_1.0.0-alphaLin Fuzhen6-10/+35
2013-01-25ENGR00241595-4 mx6q-hdmidongle:Enable SATA PHY PDDQ defaultLin Fuzhen1-20/+29
2013-01-25ENGR00241595-3 mx6q-sabreauto:Enable SATA PHY PDDQ defaultLin Fuzhen1-16/+18
2013-01-25ENGR00241595-2 mx6q-arm2:Enable SATA PHY PDDQ defaultLin Fuzhen1-18/+18
2013-01-25ENGR00241595-1 mx6q-sabresd:Enable SATA PHY PDDQ defaultLin Fuzhen1-29/+32
2013-01-16ENGR00240261 support fastboot for nand boot in sabreauto_androidb022473-0/+6
2013-01-11ENGR00239610: Enhance the quick fastboot stabilityLiGang5-28/+24
2013-01-10ENGR00239607 add nand config for android sabreautob0224710-11/+404
2013-01-09ENGR00239366: Add support for nand storage in quick fastbootLiGang3-25/+76
2013-01-08ENGR00230437: mx6: epdc: EPDC I/O setup after V3p3 is enableFugang Duan4-243/+380
2013-01-08ENGR00238363: mx6dl: epdc: remove epdc macro redefinition in config fileFugang Duan2-4/+0
2013-01-04ENGR00238834: mx6solo: add MFG support for mx6solo sabresd boardJason Liu2-0/+304
2012-12-27ENGR00238371: mx6solo: sabresd: make system prompt indicate solo configJason Liu1-1/+1
2012-12-27ENGR00238300: enhance the download speed for fastbootLiGang7-2/+1044
2012-12-21ENGR00238048: Add support for processor serial ATAG in uboot for iMX53Nitin Garg2-0/+31