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2017-09-14MA-9763 Include init.${ro.hardware}.${ro.boot.soc_type}.rc based uboot's soc_...rel_imx_4.9.x_1.0.0_gacaf/nxp/imx_v2017.03_4.9.11_1.0.0_gaguoyin.chen2-0/+38
2017-09-07MA-9554[Android_6DL_SD]RTC: Sometimes the RTC reset to the initial time 1970 ...n7.1.2_2.0.0-gaZhang Bo3-0/+12
2017-07-25MLK-16069 imx6slevk: Workaround to limit the u-boot in low 512MB memoryYe Li1-0/+11
2017-07-19MA-9387 [Android] fastboot: fastboot gpt.img for sd card in androidzhang sanshan2-5/+107
2017-07-12MLK-15341 mx6qpsabresd: add PHY AR8031 hw resetFugang Duan1-10/+22
2017-07-11MA-9822 Device has to be booted manually to recovery mode to apply the OTA up...zhang sanshan2-4/+4
2017-07-10MA-9857 [Android] uboot change CONFIG_NAND_BOOTzhang sanshan12-17/+17
2017-07-10MA-9789 [fastboot]System doesn't enter fastboot mode automatically while ther...zhang sanshan1-1/+1
2017-07-10MA-9409-3 Add base board support for android and android things.zhang sanshan84-445/+6461
2017-07-10MA-9409-2 fix some issue for android and android thingszhang sanshan5-33/+300
2017-07-10MA-9409-1 enable avb on android things.zhang sanshan56-10/+9367
2017-07-10MA-9702-2 [Android] Enable booti for android arm64.sanshan zhang4-6/+57
2017-06-21MA-9382 [Android] uboot: enable BCB&BOOTCTR&LOCK_UNLOCKzhang sanshan6-5/+50
2017-06-21MA-9382 [Android]uboot: fix compiler issue and command line issue.zhang sanshan3-39/+23
2017-06-21MA-9376 [Android IMX] uboot: enable lock&unlockzhang sanshan13-47/+1817
2017-06-21MA-9375 [Android IMX] uboot: enable BCB and bootctrlzhang sanshan27-838/+1154
2017-06-21MLK-15127 mx7dsdb: fix epdc en gpio usagePeng Fan1-0/+1
2017-06-20MLK-15108 mx7d_12x12_lpddr3_arm2: Fix PMIC setting issueYe Li1-1/+1
2017-06-20MLK-13723 imx7d: restore epdc QoS setting after exit the lpsr modeRobby Cai2-0/+58
2017-06-20MLK-15087 mx7ulp_evk: Add m4 boot defconfigYe Li1-0/+44
2017-06-20MLK-15086 arm: Add firmware_image section to objcopy flagsYe Li1-0/+4
2017-06-20MLK-14994 mx7ulp: Update M4 image header version checkYe Li1-1/+1
2017-06-12MLK-14533 mx7ulp_evk: Change APLL and its PFD0 frequenciesYe Li2-2/+26
2017-06-12MLK-15044 DTS: mx6ul/ullevk: Add OTG ID pin muxYe Li4-0/+32
2017-05-24MLK-14930-2 dwc_ahsata: Fix memory issue in reset_sataYe Li1-0/+3
2017-05-24MLK-14930-1 cmd: sata: Fix sata init and stop issueYe Li1-3/+9
2017-05-22MLK-14958 mx6slevk: Move setup_spi to board_initYe Li1-5/+7
2017-05-22MLK-14945 HAB: Check IVT DCD pointer before authenticating imageYe Li1-0/+11
2017-05-15MLK-14915 mx6ul_arm2/mx6ull_arm2: Fix ENET PHY reset issueYe Li3-27/+59
2017-05-15MLK-14890 i2c: Enable I2C force idle busYe Li26-91/+648
2017-05-14MLK-14891 mx6slevk/mx6sll_arm2: Fix SPINOR CS GPIO usingYe Li2-0/+4
2017-05-12MLK-14772 net: fec: set the device->seq id to priv->dev_idFugang Duan1-5/+3
2017-05-11MLK-14877 DTB: mx6sllevk: Fix usdhc2 property issueYe Li1-1/+1
2017-05-11ARM: fixed relocation using proper alignmentManfred Schlaegl1-1/+1
2017-05-11MLK-14864: regulator: pfuze100: unsigned compared against 0Peng Fan1-3/+9
2017-05-11MLK-14862 net: eth-uclass: add return value checkPeng Fan1-2/+12
2017-05-11MLK-14840: pinctrl: imx: fix resource leakPeng Fan1-0/+5
2017-05-10MLK-14878 qspi: Fix issue when enabling DDR modeYe Li1-7/+13
2017-05-10MLK-14808 mx6sxsabresd: Fix wrong configuration name for QSPI bootYe Li1-1/+1
2017-05-10MLK-14792 mx6ull: Disable WDOG3 after initYe Li1-1/+1
2017-05-09MLK-14839-2 imx: clean up print info for thermal and reset causeYe Li1-3/+4
2017-05-09MLK-14839-1 mx6: Fix wrong CPU frequencyYe Li1-1/+1
2017-05-09MLK-14845 mx6/mx7: Not call usb setup functions used by non-DM driverYe Li17-1/+101
2017-05-08MLK-14775 mx7dsabresd: Disable USDHC2 in device treeYe Li1-1/+1
2017-05-08MLK-14828 env_sata: Fix SATA saveenv issueYe Li1-1/+1
2017-05-08MLK-14768 fec: Change CONFIG_ETHPRIME name to align with DM ETHYe Li15-0/+92
2017-05-08MLK-14831 mx6: Fix wrong bmode value used for usb bootYe Li1-1/+1
2017-05-08MLK-14779 mx6qdlsabreauto: Fix usb detect issueYe Li1-26/+6
2017-05-04MLK-14777 imx: mx6ul/mx6ull/mx7d: correct the usage of the macro PFUZE3000_SW...Fugang Duan6-14/+14
2017-05-03MLK-14776 imx6sl: add enet phy reset to i.MX6SL EVK boardFugang Duan1-7/+8