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2018-12-19MA-13788 add defconfig for aiy_imx8mq uboot used by uuup9.0.0_1.1.0-gap9.0.0_1.0.4-gap9.0.0_1.0.2-auto-betap9.0.0_1.0.0-gao8.1.0_2.0.0-betao8.1.0_2.0.0-auto-betafaqiang.zhu1-0/+76
2018-12-12MA-13759-1 imx8mm: Enable trusty supportJi Luo1-0/+65
2018-12-04MA-13637 [Auto] Enable memory operation commandsJi Luo4-4/+0
2018-11-27MA-13537-3 disable SPL feature for uuu ubootfaqiang.zhu2-14/+0
2018-11-27MA-13537-2 add defconfig files for uuu uboot imagefaqiang.zhu4-0/+334
2018-11-23MA-13488-3 remove FIT related configurations for imx8qfaqiang.zhu6-18/+0
2018-11-21MLK-20436 mx6sabreauto_eimnor: Fix typo in defconfig filesYe Li4-4/+4
2018-11-22MA-13487 Refine fsl avb functionsLuo Ji1-0/+1
2018-11-16MLK-20383 imx8qm: xen: enable dm usbPeng Fan1-1/+1
2018-11-15MLK-20373-6 imx8qm: xen: enable dm serialPeng Fan1-1/+1
2018-11-12[iot] Enable HAB for imx8mJi Luo1-0/+1
2018-11-12[iot] Support authenticated unlockJi Luo4-0/+8
2018-11-12[iot] Enable Trusty OS for imx8m phanbellHaoran.Wang1-0/+70
2018-11-12Use stdint for uboot.Yu Shan1-0/+1
2018-11-08MLK-20078 imx8mm_evk: Update flexspi defconfig fileYe Li1-0/+9
2018-11-02MLK-20163-03 board: imx8mq_evk: Refact the imx8mq dram init codeBai Ping3-0/+3
2018-11-02MLK-20154-2 imx8mm_ddr3l_val: Add SPI NOR supportYe Li1-0/+5
2018-11-02MA-13276 [Auto] Generate key blob when set the rpmb keyJi Luo2-0/+6
2018-11-02MLK-19877-3: iMX8QXP: Add NAND SPL supportTeo Hall1-0/+102
2018-11-02MLK-20129 mx6sxsabraauto optee add fastbootFrank Li1-0/+17
2018-10-26MA-13124-2 Support spl build for imx8qLuo Ji7-0/+49
2018-10-24MLK-20049-2 imx8mm_val: Add DDR3L validation board supportYe Li1-0/+56
2018-10-16iMX8QX mek SPL: Add FIT image loading supportAbel Vesa2-0/+4
2018-10-16iMX8QM mek SPL: Add FIT image loading supportAbel Vesa2-0/+4
2018-10-11MLK-19894: i.MX6ULL: config: enable fastboot for qspi configHan Xu1-0/+16
2018-10-10MLK-19766 imx7ulp: enable uuu support in optee configShenwei Wang1-0/+16
2018-10-01MLK-19767-1: imx7ulp: configs: Enable DEFAULT_FDT_FILEShenwei Wang3-0/+3
2018-10-01Revert "MLK-19767: imx7ulp: configs: add a new macro for kernel dtb"Shenwei Wang1-1/+0
2018-09-28MLK-19767: imx7ulp: configs: add a new macro for kernel dtbShenwei Wang1-0/+1
2018-09-28MLK-19769-2 iMX8QM SPL: Add QSPI defconfigAbel Vesa1-0/+109
2018-09-28MLK-19770-4 iMX8QM SPL: imx8qm_mek: add iMX8QM SPL defconfigAbel Vesa1-0/+94
2018-09-27MLK-19183-14: iMX8QXP SPL: Add ARM2 SPL defconfigTeo Hall1-0/+107
2018-09-27MLK-19628: imx6ulz: configs: adding optee supportSilvano di Ninno1-0/+70
2018-09-27MA-12913 [AUTO] Remove unnecessary uboot commandsJi Luo5-4/+19
2018-09-26MLK-19748: configs: add iminfo command for all 7d configsHan Xu29-29/+0
2018-09-26MLK-19699: imx6ulz: configs: add fastboot for qspi/nand configsHan Xu2-0/+33
2018-09-26MLK-19726-1 Revert "MLK-18568 imx8: disable the DM devices removing"Ye Li24-24/+0
2018-09-24MLK-19690 mx7ulp: Fix issue in selecting BOARD_LATE_INIT configurationYe Li8-8/+0
2018-09-20MLK-19625 mx6ulz_evk: Disable the FEC driver and support USB2NET dongleYe Li13-0/+13
2018-09-18MLK-19183-13 iMX8QXP SPL: Add QSPI defconfigAbel Vesa1-0/+112
2018-09-17MLK-19599 imx8mm_ddr4_evk: Add NAND boot supportYe Li1-0/+72
2018-09-17MLK-19595 imx6ulz: add emmc, nand, and qspi boot supportRobby Cai3-0/+169
2018-09-14MLK-19594: imx8qx: config: enable fastboot for i.MX8QXP lpddr4 validation def...Han Xu1-0/+12
2018-09-14MLK-19589 baord: imx6ulz: add imx6ulz supportBai Ping1-0/+68
2018-09-12MLK-19330 imx7ulp: Enable uuu support for EVK EMMC boardShenwei Wang1-0/+15
2018-09-12MA-11015-1 Support Trusty OS on imx8qm/qxp platformHaoran.Wang2-0/+2
2018-09-12MA-11015 Duplicate imx8qm/qxp Android Auto config for TEEHaoran.Wang2-0/+220
2018-09-12MLK-19552 imx8qm: xen: fix memory mapPeng Fan1-1/+1
2018-09-12MA-12676 Disable TCPC for android autoLuo Ji2-2/+0
2018-09-12MA-12664 Refine dts file for android autoLuo Ji2-2/+2