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2003-06-27* Code cleanup:LABEL_2003_06_27_2340wdenk1-2/+2
- remove trailing white space, trailing empty lines, C++ comments, etc. - split cmd_boot.c (separate cmd_bdinfo.c and cmd_load.c) * Patches by Kenneth Johansson, 25 Jun 2003: - major rework of command structure (work done mostly by Michal Cendrowski and Joakim Kristiansen)
2003-06-26* Patches by Robert Schwebel, 26 Jun 2003:U-Boot-0_4_0wdenk1-3/+1
- logdl - csb226 - innokom * Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 25 Jun 2003: update NetVia with V2 board support
2003-04-05* Patch by Arun Dharankar, 4 Apr 2003:LABEL_2003_04_05_0300wdenk1-10/+6
Add IDMA example code (tested on 8260 only) * Add support for Purple Board (MIPS64 5Kc) * Add support for MIPS64 5Kc CPUs * Fix missing setting of "loadaddr" and "bootfile" on ARM and MIPS * Patch by Denis Peter, 04 Apr 2003: - update MIP405-4 board * Patches by Denis Peter, 03 April 2003: - fix PCI IRQs on MPL boards - fix two more un-relocated pointer problems * Fix behaviour of "run" command: - print error message iv variable does not exist - terminate processing of arguments in case of error * Patches by Peter Figuli, 10 Mar 2003 - Add support for BTUART on PXA platform - Add support for WEP EP250 (PXA) board * Fix flash problems on INCA-IP; add tool to allow bruning images to flash using a BDI2000 * Implement fix for I2C Edge Conditions problem for all boards that use the bit-banging driver (common/soft_i2c.c) * Add patches by Robert Schwebel, 31 Mar 2003: - csb226 board: bring in sync with innokom/memsetup.S - csb226 board: fix MDREFR handling - misc doc fixes / extensions - innokom board: cleanup, MDREFR fix in memsetup.S, config update - add BOOT_PROGRESS to armlinux.c
2003-03-14* Avoid flicker on the TRAB's VFD by synchronizing the enable withwdenk1-30/+38
the HSYNC/VSYNC. Requires new CPLD code (Version 101 for Rev. 100 boards, version 153 for Rev. 200 boards). * Patch by Vladimir Gurevich, 12 Mar 2003: Fix relocation problem of statically initialized string pointers in common/cmd_pci.c * Patch by Kai-Uwe Blm, 12 Mar 2003: Cleanup & bug fixes for JFFS2 code: - the memory mangement was broken. It caused havoc on malloc by writing beyond the block boundaries. - the length calculation for files was wrong, sometimes resulting in short file reads. - data copying now optionally takes fragment version numbers into account, to avoid copying from older data. See doc/README.JFFS2 for details.
2003-03-06* Patch by Robert Schwebel, 21 Jan 2003:LABEL_2003_03_06_0050wdenk1-0/+444
- Add support for Innokom board - Don't complain if "install" fails - README cleanup (remove duplicated lines) - Update PXA header files * Add documentation for existing POST code (doc/README.POST) * Patch by Laudney Ren, 15 Jan 2003: Fix handling of redundand environment in "tools/envcrc.c" * Patch by Detlev Zundel, 28 Feb 2003: Add bedbug support for 824x systems * Add support for 16 MB flash configuration of TRAB board * Patch by Erwin Rol, 27 Feb 2003: Add support for RTEMS * Add image information to README * Fix dual PCMCIA slot support (when running with just one slot populated) * Add VFD type detection to trab board * extend drivers/cs8900.c driver to synchronize ethaddr environment variable with value in the EEPROM