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2003-10-19* Fix PCI problems on PPChameleonEVBLABEL_2003_10_20_0025wdenk1-1/+1
2003-10-19Add CompactFlash support for NSCUdzu1-2/+10
2003-10-15* Patches by Xianghua Xiao, 15 Oct 2003:LABEL_2003_10_16_0200wdenk11-103/+807
2003-10-14* Make sure HUSH is initialized for running auto-update scriptsLABEL_2003_10_14_2140wdenk2-2/+173
2003-10-10Added config option CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE. See doc/README.silentLABEL_2003_10_10_1200wdenk1-0/+2
2003-10-09* Patch by Steven Scholz, 10 Oct 2003LABEL_2003_10_09_2320wdenk1-0/+168
2003-10-09* Patches by Thomas Lange, 09 Oct 2003:wdenk2-3/+442
2003-10-09* Patch by Martin Krause, 09 Oct 2003:LABEL_2003_10_09_1515wdenk1-3/+7
2003-10-08* Patch by Scott McNutt, 04 Oct 2003:wdenk1-0/+171
2003-10-08* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 25 Sep 2003:wdenk1-0/+283
2003-10-06* Update TRAB auto update codeLABEL_2003_10_06_2355wdenk1-15/+22
2003-09-30Fix problems with I2C support for mpc5200dzu1-8/+4
2003-09-29* Adapt TRAB configuration and auto_update to new memory layoutdzu1-1/+1
2003-09-18Update MPC5200 port pin configuration for Linux CAN drivers.wdenk1-1/+1
2003-09-18Work on TRAB's auto_update feature.LABEL_2003_09_18_2045wdenk1-1/+1
2003-09-18* Patch by Rune Torgersen, 17 Sep 2003:wdenk1-1/+2
2003-09-18* Patches by Jon Diekema, 17 Sep 2003:wdenk1-29/+53
2003-09-17Support new configuration of TRAB board with more memorywdenk1-6/+11
2003-09-17Add auto-update code for TRAB board using USB memory stickswdenk2-36/+48
2003-09-16Make IPB clock on MGT5100/MPC5200 configurable in board config file;wdenk1-0/+6
2003-09-15* Patches by Jon Diekema, 15 Sep 2003:wdenk1-8/+73
2003-09-14* Patch by Gleb Natapov, 14 Sep 2003:wdenk1-0/+1
2003-09-13* Patch by llandre, 11 Sep 2003:wdenk1-41/+9
2003-09-13* Patch by David Mller, 13 Sep 2003:LABEL_2003_09_13_2100wdenk2-6/+23
2003-09-12New board config file added.stroese4-0/+1597
2003-09-12Update configuration.stroese3-28/+34
2003-09-11* Patch by Martin Krause, 11 Sep 2003:LABEL_2003_09_12_0110wdenk2-2/+7
2003-09-10* Patches by Denis Peter, 9 Sep 2003:U-Boot-0_4_8wdenk4-16/+39
2003-09-10* Add support for USB Mass Storage Devices (BBB)wdenk4-5/+97
2003-09-05* Add support for SK98xx driverLABEL_2003_09_06_0055wdenk4-9/+28
2003-09-03Adjustments / cleanup for PPChameleon EVB boardwdenk1-25/+11
2003-09-02* Add support for PPChameleon Eval Boardwdenk2-0/+1128
2003-08-31Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 7 Aug 2003:wdenk1-1/+8
2003-08-30Patch by Raghu Krishnaprasad, 7 Aug 2003:U-Boot-0_4_7wdenk1-0/+226
2003-08-29* Patch by George G. Davis, 19 Aug 2003:wdenk2-0/+182
2003-08-29Add I2C and RTC support for RMU board using software I2C driverwdenk1-0/+36
2003-08-28* Fix ICU862 environment problemwdenk3-7/+5
2003-08-17* Make Ethernet autonegotiation on INCA-IP work for all clock rates;U-Boot-0_4_6wdenk2-0/+5
2003-08-07Update for TQM board defaults:U-Boot-0_4_5wdenk11-43/+35
2003-08-05* Fix PCI support for MPC5200 / IceCube Boardwdenk1-8/+39
2003-08-05* Map ISP1362 USB OTG controller for NSCU boardwdenk1-0/+11
2003-07-31Must enable timebase earlier on MPC5200wdenk1-1/+1
2003-07-27* Patch by Scott McNutt, 21 Jul 2003:wdenk1-2/+1
2003-07-26* Allow crc32 to be used at address 0x000wdenk1-4/+1
2003-07-24* Implement new mechanism to export U-Boot's functions to standalonewdenk5-26/+29
2003-07-17* Patch by Martin Krause, 17 Jul 2003:wdenk13-106/+577
2003-07-16* Add support for IceCube board (with MGT5100 and MPC5200 CPUs)U-Boot-0_4_4wdenk4-148/+320
2003-07-16Incorporate Patch by Lutz Dennig, 15 Jul 2003.wdenk1-9/+10
2003-07-15Mode modem init support to F3+F4 key combinationU-Boot-0_4_3wdenk1-1/+1